Small, essential joys

Some things are wonderful — harassing bugs I find on the sidewalk, taking photographs of weeds by the road, making glossy bread and all-from-scratch dinners, brightly colored vegetables.

I love watching this texan woman catching catfish:

(Angry catfish grunt like little pigs and it makes me happy.)

I patched all the holes the cats made in our wingback chair with luxury upholstery fabric we got on the cheap from a woman on etsy who sells books of discarded fabric samples.  Our floor is glittery from extra bits of imitation gold leaf that got everywhere during my last minute wedding DIY projects.  I cleaned under the couch and fished out all the cat toys that had vanished in the past month, so the foster kitten is overjoyed with new catnip smells.

On the end table beside me is a stack of books and magazines: Vogue beneath Anne Boyer beneath Ursula Le Guin.

These are all small things, but they are good, and I am grateful for them.

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