DIY organic, biodegradable lip treatment: agilo et olio

Infused with sweet steamed garlic and cracked red pepper, try this home recipe for lush, smooth lips.

First, take 5-7 cloves of garlic and crush them with the flat of a knife.  Remove the peel and stem end.  Combine with a quarter cup of olive oil and heat until the garlic is just browning, releasing its essential oils into the mixture.

Put the garlic aside with a lid over it, to sweat out sulfur-containing compounds that can cause irritation.

Now you will need to boil some water and put a generous amount of sea salt into it.  Place half a pound of spaghetti pasta into the water and cook to release the starch.  You will need the starch to hold the balm together.

Once the garlic is soft, put the garlic back on the heat and add oil cracked pepper, red chili flakes, and two thirds of a cup of pasta water.  A few tablespoons of butter will make your lip treatment more creamy and luscious.  Stir mixture until the oil and water emulsify.

Since you have the cooked spaghetti already, and since this is not actually a lip treatment, it’s an Italian pasta classic, why not put that pasta into your garlic and olive oil and butter and stir until all the pasta is coated with sauce.

Add some grated parmesan, which will pull the sauce together and everything melts together into a wonderful dish.

Put it in a bowl, add a little more cracked pepper and cheese to the top, and enjoy this simple and elegant meal.

As an added benefit, the rich sauce will glide over your lips and make them super soft.  Plus, having your lips lightly coated with fat will make you feel like a fifteenth century noble who has just feasted on duck and goose and is resplendent with decadence and wealth.

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